How to use your words to create tangible, world-shaping change.

You might already know…

  • I’ve run a marketing agency for 13+ years. I am an expert at effective, persuasive communication.
  • I’ve worked with clients in 21+ countries, and at times, my words have been read or heard by over a million people a month. (I know, it kinda boggles me too.)
  • I’ve ghostwritten or edited 12 books, including some that have been on airport bookshelves and in one memorable case, led to the author getting an MBE.

You probably don’t know…

I’m also an inmate advocate who has accomplished “the impossible” of opening 3 separate congressional investigations into federal facilities, as well as various OIG investigations and internal affairs reviews.

… all using only my words.

I want to teach you how to use your words like this too.

Because I don’t have to tell you that we’re living in a real scary world these days.

There are structures, systems, and people who will happily destroy you and those you love and never even feel the crunch of your bones under their feet as they do so.

But you are not powerless. You are not alone. And you can change things with your words, if you know how.

Even if you’re “not a writer”.

Even if you’re “bad at speaking”.

Even if you’re scared.

Especially if you’re pissed off.

Knowing how to use your voice effectively is a means to accessing power. And we need more people with access to this particular type of power now more than ever.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How words really do make worlds, and why you have a responsibility to use yours.
  • The 4 stages of effective communication, and how you can use them to go from idea to execution.
  • How to establish expertise in any conversation or interaction (especially when you’re up against authorities).
  • Pitching — how to sell people on the idea of doing what you want.
  • How to break bureaucracies. I’ve tangled with everyone from the Bureau of Prisons to the Department of Health and Human Services to the US Army to the USPS and more. I know more than I ever, ever wanted to know about how to become so annoying that a bureaucracy would rather just solve your problem than keep dicking you around.

I’ll teach you this on the day, and we’ll workshop your writing live. You’ll also have Voxer + email access to me for editing and additional support for a month after.

Here’s my requirements:

  • $500, 50% donated to organisations that need it. Scholarships and payment plans available.

  • You show up ready to work. This is not a “sit back and watch” kinda workshop, we are in it to work. You’ll leave our interaction with a piece of writing outlined, if not written and ready to send.

  • You come with some skin in the game. If you’re just interested in this as a concept, or as something that you sorta want to learn how to do because you think you should, or you’re here for the “good person” cookies, this isn’t really a fit for you. I am of most use as a resource here for people who have something they are ready to throw down over.


Words make worlds. So let’s make a world we want to live in.


August 25th 2022


Want in? Email me at rachel@boltfromthebluecopywriting.com