Connection, clarity, brand consistency …

… and very smart answers to complex communication questions.

Words make worlds. 


And I mean that literally –– look at the neuroscience of how our brains work, get right down to the core of how we move through the world, and it’s all built on metaphor and communication. It’s how you convince people to do anything. It’s how you make your marketing budget actually worth the time and money you spend on it. And it’s how you make real, world-sized, lasting change.


That’s why I do what I do.


And it’s the core of so many valuable shifts and skills that I’d love to teach your people.


As an experienced teacher and presenter who honed her chops in radio journalism, trained in curriculum development and teaching by Lee-Anne Ragan (whose other clients include the UN and the World Bank) and has 15+ years experience running a marketing agency, I love talking to audiences of all sizes about effective communication.

As seen at…



We’ve all sat through The PowerPoint of Doom and secretly answered emails in our heads (or under the table). That’s not how I teach. 


I deliver dynamic, highly interactive, actually fun workshops and trainings to employees, management, and executives on the on universal tool we all use to get things done: words.


Think of it as a way to quickly upskill your team in the core elements of effective communication, all while getting hands-on practice and live feedback on whatever we’re learning that day, along with lots of laughs.


How does it actually play out?


That depends on what your organization needs. You can bring me in for a quick technical workshop, where we work on things like writing effective sales emails, creating positioning statements, writing bios, sales pages, about pages … anything like that. We can also work together on messaging for sticky situations, like recalls, public mis-steps, and generally anything that would get you blasted on Twitter.


If you’ve got something broader you want to address, like developing messaging for your organization, creating a content infrastructure, or post-sales follow-up, I’m down for that too! 


In terms of deliverables, we’re talking:


  • Upskilling your team in crucial communications and marketing areas, including messaging, positioning, copywriting, sales writing, and content creation.


  • Helping the whole team get on board with messaging so you can ensure consistency across departments. (Lots of people like to bring in everybody to my training, from marketing right through to finance!)


  • Your organization experiencing the kind of forward momentum that can only happen when everyone’s on the same page with comms and messaging. No more he said/she said between sales and marketing!


  • Solving your most complex communications issues, from low conversions to messaging for tricky situations that need delicate phrasing.


Bespoke Trainings


Got something going on in your organization that needs some specific attention? I love creating bespoke trainings that meet you and your team exactly where you’re at and solve your problems fast.


Interested? Let’s chat! Click here to tell me what you’re thinking.

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