People really love us…

“It is an absolute delight to work with Rachel. I love talking through projects with her as she is always able to come up with great ideas and bring them to life in words and copy that draw people in. She is great at being able to understand your voice and write to it. Rachel sets clear expectations with deliverables and timelines & always exceeds them!”

– Stephanie Fields, Good Life Project


Clients who hire us because another client referred them.

Rachel is AMAZING. Recently, I had to update a bunch of copy on my site (without a lot of time to do it) and Rachel and her team heroically stepped in to help. Best investment ever. Rachel not only made the process ACTIVELY FUN – she then wrote copy that sounded more like me that I ever could have on a sales page. I call her my ‘Second Brain’. If you need a copywriter, HIRE HER NOW.

– Marsha Shandur,


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Clients who hire us more than once.

Rachel not only helped me create the sentences, but also the right concepts and longer term strategy to fit the essence of my work. It’s been an incredible relief to have her and her team become my team, doing the heavy lifting. No more agonizing for hours or days over the wording. I get my part done and send it right off to Rachel so she can work her masterful magic.  

If you’re ready to have help with your copy and correspondence, even if you don’t quite know what isn’t working, Rachel is able to cut right through your confusion or frustration to see and deliver the right messaging for your brand! I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

– Molly Morrissey,


Number of countries where we have clients (and counting): US, UK, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Kenya, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Mexico, Cyprus, Singapore.

“I consider myself a decent writer but after handing Rachel my copy and receiving her edits I am convinced that she exists in some brilliant communication galaxy that I may never have access to. Which is why I work with her and don’t DIY. She takes vague sketches and turns them into full color masterpieces that are not only beautiful to read but are compelling to take action on. Rachel takes ideas into the reality that they deserve.”

– – Audrey Holst,


Clients who say they would recommend us to a friend

“Every time I get drafts from you I say, ‘I so love working with my blog person!!!!’ to whomever is around me… Every single post you do for me I get half a dozen emails of praise. You rock!” 

Marion Van Namen,


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Rachel has her shit together and it rubs off. She gets my work, she gets me. Rachel actually hears both what I am saying and what I meant but didn’t say. She can take my messy jumble of words and thoughts and form them into cohesive, useful, and meaningful copy. And above all, she’s a total blast to work with.

Tiana Dodson,


Number of languages we speak (so far): American English. British English. Australian English. Canadian English. Corporate-speak. Start-up speak. Medical terminology. Tick and bash. FDA-compliant safespeak. Governance lingo. Bylaw blah blah. Non-profit parlance. Academic jargon. Legalese. Org dev vocab.

“What I love about Rachel is her ability to quickly grasp the copy requirements and create something that really embodies your purpose and also engages the reader. She is a master of her craft and a thoroughly lovely person to work with. Highly recommend her services :)”

Leigh Ashton,


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