The Only 2 Emails You’ll Ever Need to Write

Everybody hates writing emails.


Everybody hates getting (almost all) emails.


Email is still one of the very best ways to connect with your people and get them to buy things.


So how do we square this circle?


By teaching you how to write the kinds of emails that (1) don’t make anyone feel like garbage, you included, and (2) actually get people to do what you want them to do.


And you know what? There’s only two of them.

Really really.

Ultimately, every email you write is going to be one of two types. And each of these types has distinctive structures, traits, and delightful little Jedi mind tricks you can build into them to make sure people do what you want them to do after reading them. (Whether that’s buying something, replying, or something else entirely.)


Join me for a FREE 90-minute workshop and I’ll teach you how to write them — and finally make email worth the time it takes to type it.

What’s included?

About 30 – 45 mins of teaching, and the rest of the time is workshopping and actually writing these two types of emails.


You’ll learn everything you need to know about how to write both types, and how you can expand this knowledge into literally every other email you write, ever.


Then, we’ll live edit your emails right there on the call. (Unless that super creeps your cheese, in which case, you’re welcome to email me yours any time in the week after the workshop, and I’ll edit it via email with you!)


Why should you come?

Because most people don’t know how to write an effective email.


And that means that most people are never able to use this really powerful medium to connect with their audience (much less sell effectively to them!)


It’s one of those things that seems really small, but has massive, game-changing effects on the rest of your work because of the sheer ubiquity of the medium.


Oh and also there’s games 😄


How much does it cost?


Nothing! Show up. Learn. Play a game. Send better email. Make more dollars. Simple simple.


Will there be a recording?


But of course! We’re all busy. Sign up and get the recording. Show up and get live feedback. Whatever works for you.

Join us on 16 Nov 10 - 11:30 EST!

Get it on your calendar now to avoid scheduling squirrelyness 🙂

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