The Just Tell Me What to Do Launch Plan

Short. Sharp. Focused. In and out in a day.

Money in your pocket. Load off your mind.

Things are weird right now, right?


The market feels … strange. People are taking longer to buy, or not buying things they totally would have bought before. And of course, there’s all this talk of recessions.


But you know you need to sell …


You know you need to get your launches planned.


And yet, the last thing anybody wants is to sit down and do some heavy mental lifting for their own business.

That’s why I’m offering these 4-hour sessions.

You. Me. 4 hours.

Literally everything you need for a really effective launch, planned out and, if you want, done for you.

Here’s how it works:


You and I will hop on a call and talk through what’s going on with your business now, and where you want it to be in 3-6 months. Video on, off, I don’t care. Show up as you are, how you want.


Then, you’ll go away and do whatever you want to do, while I create just the world’s most delightful package of strategy + step-by-step, stressed-out-brain friendly implementation so you know exactly what steps to take to get from now to “Oh hey look I totally smashed my launch numbers!!” day.

(Have I mentioned just how well my pages convert? B/c I’ve used them to sell products by the literal truckload for clients, filled retreats and 15K masterminds, and convinced lots of people they should smear beef tallow-based skincare on their faces. For reals. They’re that good.)

You’ll get:

1. A comprehensive launch strategy so you know exactly what to do every single day for three months, including the lead-up time to your launch, the launch itself, and the mop-up time after.




2. I’ll go ahead and write a snappy, high-converting sales page for you.

So that means you spend an afternoon with me, and get:

  • Bird’s eye view of process and practice for each and every week.
  • Daily content strategy that covers blogs/podcasts, emails, and social media for up to 3 channels.
  • A 7-email nurture campaign outlined, bullet-pointed, and ready for you or any copywriter to flesh out.
  • 3 months of blogs outlined, bullet-pointed, and ready to flesh out.
  • 3 months of social media … you guessed it, outlined, bullet pointed, and ready to flesh out.

And a brand new sales page.



Payment plans A-OK.

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All the big thinking is taken care of. Every last detail attended to. All you have to do is follow the plan. (And honestly, isn’t that what we’re all craving?)

PS – Want us to do the whole suite for you and not just the strategy + sales page?


Happily! We’ll do the strategy and execute on every single element of it, right down to the last social post. You sit back and watch the sales roll in 🙂



Payment plans A-OK.

Click here to book your session!