The Internet’s favorite bio workshop

Join me and learn how to write a bio that doesn’t make you sound braggy, boring, or like you have bad boundaries.

90 mins. You, me, and some dinosaurs. (Really really.)

You’ll walk out the other side with a revamped bio you can use everywhere — on podcasts, on your socials, in your media kit … everywhere.

What’s included?

About 30 – 45 mins teaching, and the rest of the time is workshopping and re-writing your bio.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to think about writing bios, and get some fun templates to play with.

And you’ll get my eye on it so we can live-edit your bio.

Why should I come?

Because do you really want to write your bio by yourself? (Answer: no. Or you would have done it already.)

Writing about yourself is hard. And bios really matter. So let’s get it right together.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Show up, play a game, learn how to share the most interesting bits about yourself in a way that makes people want to give you money. Go around and impress people with your fancy new bio 🙂

Will there be a recording?

But of course! We’re all busy. Sign up and get the recording. Show up and get live feedback. Whatever works for you.

I’ve taught this workshop so many times, and every single time people just rave. Come join in and find out why!

Join us on 5th October 3:30 - 5 EST!

Get it on your calendar now to avoid scheduling squirrelyness 🙂

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