we do things that make you look good.


Copywriting + Selling

Got a brand new business looking to make its way in the world? Have an older site that no longer serves you? We’re into that.

We write and rewrite websites to get your business’s public face looking its best (and converting like crazy.)

5 page sites start at $4,500

Good sales copy doesn’t feel like you’re selling at all –– it feels like you’re sharing the best kept secret that your clients have just been dying to hear. And we’re excellent at it. Sales pages that sell your stuff, not your soul, right here.

Short form sales pages start at $2,500
Long form sales pages start at $12,000

So you have a sneaking suspicion that something’s off –– but you’re not sure where the problem is and what you need to do to fix it. We’ll review your site, tell you what’s working and what’s not, then revise the parts that are letting you down.

Starting at $1,500


Strategy + Creation + Social Media

Every part of your business should work as an asset, content included. The key to making that happen? A strong, flexible content strategy.

With our content strategy package, you’ll get:

— A content deep dive. We’ll create an audit that goes intimately into what’s up with your content right now, good and bad, then break it all down for you on a call.

— A crystal clear understanding of exactly how your content is going to perform for your business for the next three months at least. Then together, we figure out what you want to happen next and how you’re going to make it happen.

— A written-for-you content plan detailing exactly what you’re going to be publishing for three months, when it’s coming out, how you’re going to be promoting it, and how you’re going to see if it’s working.

Starting at $1,600

Content is a conversation –– and one you have to be having regularly with your target market if you want them to care when it counts. We do blogs, podcast and video scripts, ebooks and freebees, all written to sound like the very best version of you is having a casual, interesting conversation with your people.

Starting at $200 per single item.

– Content planned with you, by me, on a super fun call.
– 1-2 blog posts per month.
– 1-2 emails per month.
– 12 x social posts to accompany them.
– Graphics to accompany them.

Starting at $500 per month.


Engagement + Connection

Think email can’t be effective any more? Think again. Our clients regularly get 45 – 60% open rates and 15%+ click- throughs.

— You bring the opt-in (or get us to write you one), we’ll bring the engagement with a 7 email nurture campaign to onboard subscribers, amp up interest + engagement, and set the stage for sales.

Starting at $2,500

— Have an announcement to make? Need to sell something fast? Just want to keep your people used to getting emails so your open rates and click throughs stay high? This is for you.

— One off emails with enticing subject lines designed to accomplish a single goal successfully.

Starting at $200 per email.

— You have a thing. We have the campaign to make your customers crave it. 7 emails intricately designed to get people interested and clicking before you even tell them what you’re selling.

Starting at $2,500

— So you’ve got their interest — but it’s a long way ’til launch day. Make sure people actually show up to the webinars, events, presentations, and launches they sign up for (and seamlessly sell to them even if they don’t) with this 10 email campaign.

Starting at $2,900


Consulting + Retainers

Not every challenge has a clear-cut solution. We meet you where you are.

AKA learning how to describe what you do and why that matters without people’s eyes glazing over. Elevator pitches, networking spiels, speeches, and the secrets to seeming astonishingly interesting in any conversation, sorted.

Want your whole organization to learn how to communicate effectively? We do workshops on that very subject. Contact hello@boltfromthebluecopywriting.com for details.

Keep us on tap for any copy and content needs. This is perfect if you want a team that can quickly understand what you’re about and leverage your organizational capital into interesting, effective copy, content, and communication.


— An introductory call where we discuss your needs, deep dive into your organization’s universe, define the scope or work, and create a plan for moving forward.

— One month’s worth of work on copy, content, emails, slide decks, white papers, communication docs, social media, scheduling … essentially any words connected to your work.

Starting at $5,000 per month.