How to Write a SAles page

 Join me and learn how to write a sales page that actually sells things … and doesn’t make you feel like shit.

Here’s the deal.

I want you to have amazing sales copy.

And I also don’t have time to write amazing sales copy for all of you. (Though I legit would if I could.)

So here’s what I want to do instead: a live sales copy workshop, with me in which I teach you how to write sales copy, and then actually write a page with you.

The TL;DR:

You, me and 9 other people.

3 hours.


Incredible sales page. And invaluable skill.


Here’s the details:

STEP 1: Teaching.

You’ll join me for a 3-hour workshop on writing sales pages.

In this workshop, I’ll teach you not only how to write a sales page, but how to THINK about one. Which is honestly a way more valuable skill than any template I could throw at you.

Though there will be templates. B/c of course.

And of course we’re going to play Wrong Answers Only 🙂

STEP 2: Writing Time!

We’ll then switch gears into writing time, and you’ll put pen to paper (fingers to keys, whatever), and you’re going to actually draft up a page. Right there. On the call. With me.


(You can do it. Really really.)

I’ll be on hand for help, feedback, and live review the whole time.


I’ll be available via email and Vox for final edits/revisions for up to a week afterwards.

And you’ll have a kickass, high-converting sales page that sounds like you, makes you money, and doesn’t make you feel like shit.


It’s running on 23rd August from 2 – 5PM EST.


Will there be a recording?

But of course! We’re all busy. Sign up and get the recording. Show up and get live feedback. Whatever works for you.

I need 5 people to run the workshop. And I’ll cap it at 10 people, so everyone has time to have their page reviewed.

Are you one of them?

The bottom line:

This is perfect for you if you’re in that weird chicken-or-egg scenario where you need the copy but can’t afford a copywriter, need more business but don’t have the budget for the things that bring more business in.

So let’s make you some $$$, yes?

Click here to join us!