how to write a nurture campaign


Join me and learn how to write a nurture campaign that actually does what it’s supposed to do (instead of annoying the shit out of anyone who signs up to your list!)


Nurture campaigns are powerful — done right, they save your emails from life in the spam folder, sell your stuff without you even thinking about it, and can even fill events and courses.


Problem: most people don’t know how to do them right.

(And no template is going to fix that!)

Solution: I do. And I’m going to teach you!

Join me for this 3-hour deep-dive workshop and learn how to write my THREE favorite types of nurture campaign — and connect with your audience, sell your stuff, and fill your events like never before.


What’s included?


Oh baby we’re going deep. Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Teaching

You and 9 of your most delightful internet comrades will join me for a 3-hour workshop on writing nurture campaigns.


In this workshop, I’ll teach you how to THINK about nurture campaigns and strategize them for yourself (invaluable tool, even if you never write another one again and only ever outsource them) AND the nuts and bolts of writing them.


We’ll focus on my 3 favorite types — a classic onboarding campaign, a Sell My Stuff campaign, and a Show Up, Mop Up campaign.


There will be games.


There will be templates.


There will be breaks. (B/c dude ain’t nobody need to spend 3 straight hours staring at a screen.)


Step 2: Writing!


We’ll then switch gears into writing time, and you’ll actually draft up a nurture campaign of your choice.


Right there. On the Zoom. With the whole entire world watching. (Not really, obvs. Just me 🙂)


And I’ll be on hand for help, feedback, cheerleading, and live review the whole time.


Step 3: Review


We’ll then come back together and you can share what you’ve written and workshop it live with me on the call if you want.


Or, if that’s way too much exposure, then don’t worry — because I’m available to every single person in the workshop via email and Voxer for final reviews/edits throughout the week after the workshop.



It’s running June 21st from 10 – 1 PM EST.


It’s $297


I need 5 people to run the workshop. And I’ll cap it at 10 people, so everyone has time to have their campaign reviewed.


Will there be a recording?

But of course! We’re all busy. Sign up and get the recording. Show up and get live feedback. Whatever works for you.

New nurture campaign. Absolutely invaluable skill. In just 3 hours!

You in?


Then step right this way…


Click here to join us!