Let’s make this really, really simple:

People can’t buy from you if they don’t know who you are.

People won’t buy from you if they don’t know why they should care.

Content is the way you solve both those problems.

Content = Cash.

When you actually do your content consistently, and to a high degree of quality, people know who you are, how you can help, and why they should give you the dollars.


(Lots of dollars. Like, we have clients regularly earn multiple thousands of dollars p/m based on their content.

Our record is $20K in 1 day.

What could you do with $20K?)

Just one problem…

Carrying on an ongoing, content-based conversation with your people is one of those things that sounds good in theory, but in reality, often suuuuuuucks.

(Sad trombone.)

It takes for-fucking-ever, and then you have to upload it and it’s a pain in the ass, and who the hell knows what to write anyway.


Well, we do.

Enter Bolt’s newest package:


Done-For-You Content

Every single piece of content you need to keep your existing audience happy + capture the attention of your future audience for 6 WHOLE MONTHS, written to sound exactly like you stepped into a magical brain swap and picked up all our copywriting skills. 


You get my brain.

(Which, btw, is relied on by Jonathan Fields of The Good Life Project, Marsha Shandur, Heather Thorkelson, and loads of other people whose email lists you’re on.) 


You get my team’s very best writing. They’re all trained by me. Nobody touches a piece of client work without my explicit sign-off.


You get the money and engagement you need to make all your biggest business plans come true.

And you spend exactly 45 minutes thinking about it, tops.

(I, for one, have spent 45 minutes thinking about what *image* to put on a stupid piece of social media, before I wised up and got my amazing team to do it for me.)

You like? 


Here’s what you get:


– 6 months of content planned with you, by me, on a super fun call. 


Seriously. People walk away from these things feeling like they’ve just had an awesome chat with a pal. A pal who just so happens to have a decade-plus experience of planning and writing copy + content, and who can magically sort through the junk drawer of your brain and pull out the gold to make effective content that serves a larger strategic purpose. 


– 1-2 blog posts per month.

Your choice whether we go for 1 or 2. And I can help you decide what makes the most strategic sense for your upcoming business goals.


– 1-2 emails per month.

Same deal here.


– 4 – 8 x social posts to accompany them.

Because if it doesn’t happen on Instagram, does it even happen?


– Graphics to accompany them, designed by our in-house expert.

Her name is Kiana, and she is fabulous. 

So when I said you spend 45 minutes thinking about 6 months worth of content … that was for real. We upload it all for you, and it just magically appears on your site and socials and inbox. All you do is sit back and enjoy all the applause and engagement 🙂 

We REALLY want to take your content off your hands. That’s why we’re making this super easy and accessible. 

Option 1

6 months of content planned with you, by me.

Then, every month, you get:

1 blog post

1 email

4 x social media

4 x graphics

All uploaded by our incredibly fast and super reliable VA.


$500 per month


And if you’re like “Oh HELL yes I’m all about this!” then we also offer some sweet discounts for paying up front –– you get a WHOLE MONTH FREE if you pay for 6 months up front.

Option 2

6 months of content planned with you, by me.

Then, every month, you get:

2 blog posts

2 emails

8 x social media

8 x graphics

All uploaded by our incredibly fast and super reliable VA.

$1,000 per month



Same thing here — pay for 6 months up front, and get a WHOLE MONTH FREE.


Let’s break those numbers down just a tad…

If you were to pay for this ad hoc, here’s what that would look like:


– 45 minute consult with me … $300

– 1 blog post … $200

– 1 email … $100

– 4 x social media … $100

– 4 x graphics … $100

– 1 – 2 hours of uploading time from a VA … $40


That’s $850 – $1700 a month, depending on whether you do 1 post or two.

Either way, it’s nearly double what we’re charging. And that’s assuming you actually keep up with it and don’t have lapses in your content, which lead to all kinds of money being left on the table.

So in getting us to do your content, you’re not only SAVING hundreds of dollars a month … you’re also INCREASING your earning potential exponentially.

(Btw, the way we can do it for so much cheaper is because we’re keeping it all in-house, and we can streamline our system this way. So it’s way easier on me, way easier on my team, and way cheaper for you. Win-win-win.)

There are very few things that are true no-brainers in the entrepreneur world.

This is one of them.

Let us do your content, and see what happens when you actually have high-quality, consistent content written in your voice, for your people.


(Spoiler alert: if our case studies are any indication, you’re in for a shit-ton of engagement and income.)

You in?

 Choose your option + book your call with me here.


As soon as you book in, my lovely assistant will be in touch to get a couple of details from you — including whether you want to pay monthly or for 6 months at a go.


PS — I can’t WAIT to talk content with you!!