Content Planning  

Quarterly Content Planning!


We all know that creating content is a Good ThingTM.


And we all know that you need to have a solid strategy for that content, because otherwise you can very easily spend a whole lot of time and energy shouting into the internet-void. (Instead of making lovely lovely sales 🙂


But content planning … it’s a mindfuck.


Because how are you supposed to be able to know the future?? And how can you tie your content into any meaningful kind of ROI, like, how do you know it’s going to lead to sales? And not to mention that it takes like 8 billion hours and 2 existential crises every time you do it.


Let’s fix all that.


Because I plan my content quarterly. It takes me about 35 minutes each time. And then I don’t think about it again for the next quarter. Oh right and it’s literally the only kind of outreach I do. And Bolt does 6-fig revenue years on the back of that.


Join me and I’ll not only teach you how to do that too — we’ll plan your next quarter’s worth of content live on the call together!

You, me, and 9 other people.


3 hours.


Games, notes, templates, and an extremely sexy spreadsheet.


Never, ever, ever wasting your lifespan on ineffective content planning again.




Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Teaching


You, me, and 9 other delightful humans will convene on the internets for 3 hours.


I’ll teach you my super easy, no-stress method for content planning AND how to think about this process (which is the real value here. Because developing this capacity is wayyyyy better than even the prettiest color-coded spreadsheet.)


Plus we’ll talk things like how to create an effective content strategy, the two types of content every business needs, and how you can re-use content you already have so you’re not reinventing the wheel quarter after quarter.


Step 2: Planning time!


We’ll then switch gears into planning time, where you’ll actually start using everything I just taught you and create your own quarterly content plan live on the call. We’re talking week-by-week, beautifully organized, ahhhhhh-that-feels-so-good type of planning.


And of course I’ll be on hand for help, feedback, and live review the whole time.


Then afterwards …

I’ll be available via email and Vox for final edits/revisions to your content for up to a week afterwards.


And you’ll have a solid content plan that’s aligned with your bigger business goals for the quarter, and you never, ever have to panic-write an email newsletter on Sunday evening again 🙂



I do this once a quarter. The next one runs on 29th September. 


It’s 3 hours.


Completely FREE.


Will there be a recording?

But of course! We’re all busy. Sign up and get the recording. Show up and get live feedback. Whatever works for you.

I need 5 people to run the workshop. And I’ll cap it at 10 people, so everyone has time to have their plan reviewed.


And you’ll walk away with an incredibly useful new skill, and a plan that (finally!) makes doing content worth your time.

Join us on 29th September 10 - 1 EST!

Get it on your calendar now to avoid scheduling squirrelyness 🙂

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